Many people know (and someone will learn about it, having visited our site), that the last 18 years of life of the great artist Kazimir Severinovich Malevich were connected with Nemchinovka: here he lived permanently, then came on summer rest, his second wife Sofya Rafalovich was the inhabitant of Nemchinovka, and here he was buried according to his desire, expressed before death.
    Theme of our site is everything, that connects life and creativity of K.Malevich with the situated near Moscow settlement Nemchinovka, its history, places of interest, inhabitants.
     We have decided to abandon the use of stuffs of general trend about Malevich, placed already on other sites. Practically all stuffs of the site are original.
     And, certainly, there are a lot of stuffs about the main theme, that stirs worshippers of Malevich all over the world: whether the lost tomb of the artist will be retrieved?





     The group of the enthusiasts and worshippers of Malevich, basically, inhabitants of Nemchinovka, aggregated in noncommercial partnership "Nemchinovka and Malevich", attempts to find it.
     For this purpose, in addition to oral memories of the eyewitnesses and old residents of Nemchinovka, the different written documents are involved.
     We were succeeded, as we consider, to determine a plot by the area of about 0,5 hectars, on which (according to our accounts) there is a tomb of Malevich. Then we have started its searches directly with the usage of a geodesy, geophysics and drilling technique.
     We shall try to inform our readers operatively on a course of the search, success of which, we are sure, is close.
     Our dream - not only to find a tomb of the artist, but to create in Nemchinovka a memorial complex of Kazimir Malevich with a museum, having thus perpetuated the memory of this colossus of vanguard art of XX century.