Malevich'es last shelter -
in Nemchinovka

         In autumn of 1933 it was it turned out that K.Malevich was ill with the incurable illness which eventually brought him to the grave. Having a presentiment of near death, Malevich bequeathed to bury him near Nemchinovka at the big oak under which he liked to rest.

         Less than in two years inevitable happened: the great artist died in Leningrad.

         In May 1935 rare passers-by could observe a funeral procession: the lorry moved along the Nevskiy avenue towards the Moscow station, a suprematic sarcophagus was established on the open platform, and the Black square was represented on the cowl.

The funeral procession with K.Malevich'es
coffin is mooving towards the Moscow station

Suprematic sarcophagus with K. Malevich'es coffin

         The coffin with the artist’s body was transported by rail to Moscow. After cremation an urn with K.Malevich'es ashes was delivered to Nemchinovka and on May, 21 buried on the field under oak.

         Above the burial-place a monument designed by Nikolay Suetin was established: white cube with the Black square.

K.Malevich’es third wife, Natalia Manchenko,
at the grave of husband

         During the war-time the grave of Cazimir Malevich was lost. The memorable sign was restored on a forest edge bordering the field, in 1988.


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