Nemchinovka the Leaving


Photo by N.Dubov

        Certainly, since Maleviches time the appearance of Nemchinovka has considerably changed. And not to the best: cozy, buried in verdure ancient summer residences have given way to the huge stone cottages protected by blind hostile fences. Charm of country place summer shelter of Russian intelligentsia of the beginning of the last century - vanishes. Yes-yes: Kazimir Severinovich was then one of "Chekhovian" summer residents, spending with pleasure summer season on the nature. Nemchinovka and its environs were walked far and wide by him.

        And we, like Malevich, will try to walk along modern Nemchinovka, paying special attention to those its sights, which still "remember" the artist.


Nemchinovsky station (new photo)

        Our Nemchinovsky station in empire looks a little pompously near to deserted typical platform. The matter is that it was constructed in 1912 in connection with the celebrations devoted to 100-year-old anniversary of the Russian weapons victory in Patriotic War of 1812. For a drive of Sovereign-Emperor to the Borodino field where he accepted anniversary parade stone buildings of stations in Nemchinovka, Golitsyno and Cubinka had been built, and the Tsarist pavilion in Odintsovo - arranged.

        By the way, earlier the theme of war with Napoleon sounded in names of many streets and patches of Nemchinovka. Now only Borodinka has kept its old name.


 .  (1)

E.Shtolder's small house (1)

 .  (2)

E.Shtolder's small house (2)

        Once In this lopsided small house in Ovrazhnoya street deacon Elisey Shtolder the tireless defender of Nemchinovsky church in days of persecutions on Orthodoxy - lived. Just from here he was withdrawn for ever in 1937. But his feat has not sunk into oblivion nowadays he has been canonized as Russian new martyrs and confessors, fallen from hand of theomachic authorities.

        The priest of the revived Nemchinovsky church Father Alexey helps to the grand daughter of deacon Elisey lonely old woman.



Modern Nemchinovsky church (1)


Modern Nemchinovsky church (2)

        During long years residents of Nemchinovka had no church, and many of them even didnt know that once it was closed and destroyed in 1935, and a club was constructed on its place. And at last a white contour of the revived temple of Christmas appeared not far from the platform.

        Now finishing work is still going on here, but soon the temple will be able to accept all comers.


Ekkerts summer residence

        Ekkerts ancient summer residence on the Soviet avenue (the former Nikolaevsky avenue) has kept its original appearance.



Pond (1)


Pond (2)


Pond (3)


Pond (4)

        Rare pictures: April, snow has already melted, and only Nemchinovsky pond continues to remain under ice. Already more than hundred years it gives pleasure and joy to inhabitants of Nemchinovka and numerous summer residents. In summer its hospitable coasts call to bathe, tan, fish. And once it was also possible to boat (till 1960th the boat station worked).


Zubritskys summer residence

        The former summer residence of engineer Zubritsky (the teacher's house) partially remained specimen of pre-revolutionary country architecture.



Rasskazovs summer residence (1)


Rasskazovs summer residence (2)


Rasskazovs summer residence (3)

        Magic small house with a turret-terrace (the former Rasskazovs summer residence) one more example of country architectural creativity of the last centurys beginning.



Rafaloviches summer residence (1)


Rafaloviches summer residence (2)


Rafaloviches summer residence (3)

        Modern decoration materials have unrecognizably changed appearance of Rafaloviches former house in which in 1920 1930th K.Malevich great judge of country rest lived for long periods. Being fond of neighbouring fields and opening scenes, Malevich bequeathed to bury him on the forest border between Nemchinovka and Romashkovo.



Lagins house (1)


Lagins house (2)

        The enormous Lagins summer residence in the Borodino street, transformed in Soviet period of time to country boarding school for children with tuberculosis, and then to kindergarten, is nowadays filled by numerous inhabitants.


The Shtilmarks house

        It is one of former houses of N.Shtilmark landowner Lemans manager of prosperous economy on base of which during the Soviet period New-Ivanovsky state farm, experimental station of field husbandry, and later Zone scientific research institute of agriculture were organized.



Scenes from "Vershinka" (1)


Scenes from "Vershinka" (2)


Scenes from "Vershinka" (3)

        From "Vershinka" it is possible to admire scenes of coppices and fields widespread in the valley of Chachenka river between Nemchinovka and Romashkovo. Certainly, our river is small, but its valley is wide and deep: splendid wide expanse, comparable with open spaces of valleys of largest rivers of Moscow area: Klyazma, Moskva River, Oka is opened from "Vershinki". All this Nemchinovsky Switzerland can soon disappear under the pressure of the housing and cottage building which have captivated all near-Moscow suburbs.



Romashkovsky church (1)


Romashkovsky church (2)

        The senior generations of inhabitants of Nemchinovka and Romashkovo still remember Nikolsky temple as thrown and not well-groomed, with peeling walls. It was impossible to enter: doors were tightly closed, the temple was transformed into storehouse. Only since 1990th years revival of church life has begun, and the temple has gained the festive appearance.