About noncommercial partnership
Nemchinovka and Malevich
(NP "N&M")

         The noncommercial partnership on a construction of a settlement "Nemchinovka and Malevich" (NP "N&M") was created in 2001.
         The activity of the partnership is directed to preservation of memorable places, bound with life and creative activities of the great artist K.S.Malevich.
         One of the purposes of the partnership is the construction of K.Malevich'es memorial complex in Nemchinovka.

Exposure from the Statutes of NP "N&M"

        1.1. The noncommercial partnership on a construction of a settlement "Nemchinovka and Malevich" is non-state noncommercial organization established for integration of the inhabitants of the settlement, businessmen, other private persons and organizations, both domestic, and foreign, with the purpose of revival of a settlement Nemchinovka and perpetuation of memory of the world famous artist Kazimir Malevich - inhabitant of the settlement.

        1.2. Full name in Russian - . Full name in English - Noncommercial partnership on a construction of a settlement "Nemchinovka and Malevich".
        The abbreviated name: in Russian - .
        in English - "Nemchinovka and Malevich".
        in German - "Nemtschinovka und Malevitsch".

        1.4. Founders of the "partnership".
        The physical persons, citizens of Russian Federation:
        Gusev Anatoly Alekseevich
        Matveev Alexander Constantinovich
        Tsovka Victor Viacheslavovich

        1.7. The activity of "partnership" is based on principles of voluntariness, equality and lawfulness.
        The motto of "partnership": From past to future of Nemchinovka!
        The slogan of "partnership": To remember, to act and to create!

        1.8. "Partnership" works on territory of Odintsovsky District of the Moscow Region, in other regions of Russia and abroad, where the branches, representatives and enterprises of "partnership" will be built.

        2.1. A main purpose of "partnership" is: to arrange the settlement Nemchinovka in such a way that it become worthy of memory of its inhabitant - great artist of XX century Kazimir Malevich and so to glorify his name even more.

        2.4. The partnership with the purpose of realization of the regulations activity can cooperate to any foreign and Russian legal and physical persons.