As we marked the 70-th anniversary
from the date of Malevich'es
death in Nemchinovka

         On May, 15 on a graveyard of Nicolskaya church in Romashkovo near a symbolical tomb of Kazimir Malevich a praying service was celebrated by the father superior of the temple Alexey (Baburin) to Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, his wife Sofya and dead relatives. There were relatives, artists, art critics, representatives of administration, worshippers of his creativity on the service.

         Then the action has been transferred to a Memorial symbol in the settlement of Malevich, that is building up between Nemchinovka and Nijneye Romashkovo. The artists have brought and hung their works, among which there were paintings of his nephew V.A.Bogdanov, dedicated to the making of this Memorial symbol.

         Music in performance of Malevich'es grand-nephew Michael Bogdanov have been sounded. In their speeches artists and art critics have marked, that the creativity of Kazimir Malevich is actual nowadays also and its many aspects are uncovered only now.

         After long cool and rainy days the weather was magnificent, and it became clear, why Kazimir Severinovich liked these places situated near Moscow and asked to bury him here. Jarkova Galina Yefimovna (Sofya Michaelovna's niece) completed her recollections by the words, that there is no more such a place on earth, where presence of Kazimir Severinovich, memory of him and his creativity would be felt so obviously and spontaneously. Here still live old inhabitants of Nemchinovka who saw him, communicated with him, and till now one can see here places and views, which we recognize on his canvases.

         Then there was a show at the Nemchinovka's club dedicated to memory of Kazimir Malevich, and later - a praying dinner, which was concluded by several Russian, Ukrainian and Polish songs sounded simply wonderfully, taking into account that amateurs sang them with the professionals from "Nemchinovskie Zori", but all together - people of art.

         It's necessary to inform on one more event: (NP "N&M") has put forward a suggestion to establish the Order of Kazimir Malevich, approved by almost all present.